Wireless ip security cameras for home

Everyone wants security either in home or in office. The biggest reason behind this is the increasing number of crimes. Each and everyone are looking for safety from them, where they are working as well as the place where they leave. Hence we can say that to overcome from such kind of problems security cameras are playing a vital role in the modern world.

Let’s talk about the IP cameras, IP stands for INTERNET PROTOCOL CAMERA which has two categories the one is known as CENTRALIZED CAMERAS and the other one is DECENTRALIZED CAMERAS.

The centralized cameras are used for managing the video recorder to handle the recording, IP cameras receive and send data with the help of computer network. On the other hand decentralized cameras plays a great role in maintaining the network of video recorder, there is no need of video management software in decentralized cameras. These IP cameras are used in each and everywhere like in hospitality, Education, health, banking, entertainment, retail sector, govt sector, Gems and jewellery, residential sector, religious sector, manufacturing sector etc. There are so many cities where these cameras are playing fast growing tool for safety motive.

There is another type of camera which is very famous in today’s World of technology i.e. CCTV CAMERAS this stands for CLOSED CIRCUIT TELEVISION. These are the cameras which are also used for the same purpose like IP cameras. These cameras are used in wide range of places in each and every city for the safety purpose. But IP cameras are more suitable and more popular as compared with the CCTV cameras.

CCTV cameras are used for personal, private, and commercial use. Mainly these cameras are used in police stations and for investigation activities.

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