Various Home Made Facial for Different Skin Types

Pollution, dirt and dust works disastrously on our skin. In fact, it leads to skin rashes, burning, acne, pimples and many more. So, it is extremely essential that you take proper care of your skin. Sometimes, it may be extremely difficult to find out ample time to pamper yourself in spa and beauty salons. Here, are some of the easy home made remedies which can actually bless you with a soft and supple skin.

For Unwanted Breakouts- Maximum women across the world suffer from unwanted breakouts and pimples. This may be due to the impurities present in the skin or blotting of excess oil. Green clay powder works magically for such breakouts. In fact, it not only cleans the skin but also leaves you with a blemish free and healthy skin. Aspirin also works extremely well for an acne prone skin. Application of aspirin on you skin can leave you with a clean skin. For better results, you can also mix crushed aspirin with honey.

Banana mask- Banana mask are easily available in the market which can leave you with a refreshed skin. But, now you can easily make this paste in an inexpensive and hassle free manner. The best way of application would be to mash a banana into a thick paste. For better results, you can add honey and a little water. You can easily wash it off by using warm water.

For Bright and Vibrant skin- every woman desires to bid goodbye to dull and dry skin. For a refreshed skin, you can always mash a ripe papaya after removing its peel and seeds. Since, honey is always considered as a natural cleanser, so you can mix papaya with honey. This can work as an excellent facial mask and thus is extremely recommended for people who desires to get a clean skin.

Exfoliation- It is a well known fact that a regular exfoliation is extremely essential to remove the dead cells in the skin. For this you can boil both oatmeal and milk in a small cooking can and make it into a uniform thick mixture. For excellent results, you can also use olive oil. You can apply it on your face and remove the unwanted dead skin.

So, you can see that you can easily be blessed with a naturally glowing and healthy skin by only following a few simple tips. In fact, these are some of the easiest and most inexpensive ways in which you can treat your skin magically. Thus, it is time to pamper and rejuvenate your skin with great natural ingredients.

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