Homemade Toothache Remedies

Most of us have gone through major toothache problem at some point in our lives. Although, only a proper medication by a dentist can cure toothache but if incessant toothache hits you when the professional expert is mot around,  you can easily take the help of following homemade remedies:

Hydrogen Peroxide and water- You can mix a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide in water and rinse your mouth. This will help in giving an instant relief.

Clove oil - This is a well trusted method since ages. You can always chew cloves or make a paste of cloves and apply it on the affected area. Numerous dentists also offer clove oil. So, you can always dab a piece of cotton in few drops of clove oil and apply it on the affected area.  But, make sure you do not apply clove oil for a prolonged period as this may be toxic.

Alcohol based mouthwash- For severe toothache, you can use an alcohol based mouthwash or rinse your mouth with vodka, scotch, brandy or whiskey. This not only reduces the pain but also cleanses the mouth.

 Use Tea tree oil- This is an excellent natural ingredient which helps to treat toothache effectively. For better results, yo can also rinse your mouth with warm water and two drops of tea tree oil.

Mashed Potato- Cut small pieces of raw potato and add a little salt. Apply the paste for great results.

Garlic paste- Known as a natural pain healer, you can mash garlic and apply it on the affected area. This will help your toothache to subside. So, try using this paste for better results. You can also mix garlic with cloves. This will provide great results. In fact, garlic paste not only heals the pain but also provides protection against great tooth sensitivity.

Cucumber paste- You can mash cucumber and mix a little salt. Apply this paste and get great results.

Lime- Lime too is a great natural ingredient that absorbs pain. So, you can cut a piece of lime and bite it. This will help to release the pain.

Onion Juice or paste- You can apply a paste of freshly cut onion. This will provide instant relief against pain. But, if the pain is caused due to severe gum infection, you definitely need to consult a dentist.

Rinse Using Baking soda- you can mix a pinch of baking soda in one glass of lukewarm water. This helps to effectively subside the pain.

Tea bags- You can choose to make a cup of tea and apply the warm tea bag on the affected area. This helps to reduce the pain and also numb the area.

Though, these natural ingredients definitely proves to be effective but for serious gum infection and other problems like cavities, it is only the dentist who can treat these critical problems.

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