Basic Tips to Look Gorgeous in Rainy Season

Rainy season is the time when you need to be extremely vigilant and specific of all the things you are choosing to wear. Though, you may feel good that the temperature will go down but there are also problems like greasy, tangled and dull hair. In addition, rainy season is also the time of various skin rashes like fungal infection, patches, itchy breakouts and many more. Again, when it comes to apparel, you need to select clothes that prevents you from getting a drenched look and yet makes you fashionable and glowing. Following, are some of the tricks which can allow you to look fashionable and gorgeous even during the rainy season:

Basic Tricks for Hair Care during Monsoon

It has been well observed that the high moisture content present in the air leads to greasiness and creates hair dullness. Moreover, monsoons also makes your hair look flat, dull and unattractive. Thus, your hair definitely needs extra care during monsoon:


  1. Regular Hair Wash- It is recommended to wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo. This will help to remove the extra moisture and add perfect shine to your gorgeous hair! If you have dry hair, you can use shampoos which have extracts of watercress and magnolia. Again, to prevent oily hair, you can always use shampoos with natural rosemary extracts. This will prevent your hair to become flat and dull. Frizzy hair too needs extra care during rainy season. So, you can try to condition your hair with avocado oil. This adds extra sheen and also makes your hair smooth and gorgeous.
  2. Diet- In addition to regular hair wash, you should understand that hair care is incomplete without a balanced diet. In fact, since protein is key to healthy and gorgeous hair. Thus, you should always stick to a protein rich diet.

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