Basic Tips to Look Gorgeous in Rainy Season Next to Learn

Skin Care and Make Up:

 1.Get a Glowing Complexion- Pollution is one of the common problems during rainy season. So, it is advisable to take extra care of your skin. You should go for a regular exfoliation followed by toning and moisturizing. Since, rains can give you a washed out look. So, you can choose  a skin brightening toner. This will brighten up your skin and help to restore the moisture.

2.Maintain Hygiene- rainy season means walking in dirty water. This can lead to various skin infections. So, try to keep your hands and feet dry. It is also essential that you wear water resistant shoes.

 3.   Drinking Water- During rainy season, drinking water can remain contaminated. This may                        lead to various skin infections. So, try  to switch to mineral water.

 4.   Make Up- Rainy season can always give you a washed out look. So, try to use water                    proof foundation. Waterproof mascara in a must have during this season. Mascara will                      brighten up your eyes and also prevent your mascara from dripping.


What to Wear:

1.Look fashionable- Rainy season does not mean huge woolen jackets and baggy jeans. Rather, an appropriate selection of fashionable clothing can always make you look fashionable and gorgeous.

2.Color- Since, rains are always associated with gloomy and dark hues. But, you can always choose to mix and match the colors to look bright and elegant. So, for a complete look, try selecting colors like blue, red, yellow and purple.


  During this season, you can also add up bright scarfs, exquisite umbrella and water resistant boots that  makes you look attractive, stylish and elegant.

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