Basic Make Up and Beauty Tips for Rainy Days

Showers definitely does not work any wonders for your skin and hair. To maintain a great consistency in the way you look at every season, it is extremely crucial to follow specific rules. Following, are some of the basic guidelines which can allow you to get an enhanced appearance and a radiant look even during the disastrous rainy season.

1. Use a Primer-  During rainy season, it is pivotal to set the make up by using a primer. This will help to retain the foundation and make up even with poring raindrops. Moreover, primer will also give a uniform appearance to your foundation and bless you with a natural and vibrant skin.

2. Stick to Light Weight Foundation- The basic guideline for a perfect make up during rainy season is to keep the foundation to minimum. If you desire to restrict messy and ugly make up, it is more advisable to stick to light cream based waterproof foundation. For best results, you can also choose to mix your foundation with a tint of moisturizer. This will give an even and flawless complexion.

3. Setting Powder- After the application of a foundation, it is also important to to use a setting powder. This will not only give a more finished look but will also set the make up. In fact, setting powder is definitely effective for a complete look.

4. Blush- Add color to your cheeks by using a cream based blush. But, make sure that you always minimize the usage of blush.

5. Eye Make Up- Dripping eyeliner and mascara can indeed prove to be extremely embarrassing. Thus, waterproof mascara and eyeliner is a staple in the make up kit of every woman. So, make sure this winters, you grab waterproof make up products for your  make up kit.

6. Lip Color- Rainy day lip color should be long lasting. Thus, select brands which offer long lasting colors for a smudge free look.

7. Keep it Simple- Be it make up products or hairstyle, the best way of battling the disastrous rainy season is to keep it simple.

8. Make Up Kit- On a rainy day, it is always mandatory to carry a pouch containing the basic make up products like eye liner, mascara, foundation, primer and lip color. This way you can always switch off to a fresh look efficiently.

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