Are you an active Facebook user ? Earn money from your Facebook page or Profile.

How it works.

1. Share our website links/ pages at your Facebook pages or profiles and divert traffic to our website.

2. We can identify your visits share daily traffic and earning with you.

3. Get paid weekly/ Monthly.

Payment Info: Weekly and Monthly payout option is available with minimum 1000 INR. 

Payment mode: Bank to bank transfer, cheque and wire transfer.

Approximate Earning: We cannot tell you how exactly you will earn. Since it depends on the quality of your page, source of traffic – Country, quality of visitors (technology, high end devices, mobile) and other different factors. Still a rough estimate is you’ll get paid upto 500 INR per 1000 clicks.

Ban or Disable Account - Fake Traffic (Divert traffic from BOT, Software, exchange traffic, traffic from adult posts). 

Note: If you will get ban, you will not be eligible for any amount.